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Himachal Pradesh

1. Indrahar Pass Trek
Day 1:-Delhi-Dharamsala(495km by road 15 hrs)- Mcleodganj (1640mt,16kms by road)
Day 2:-. Mcleodganj- Triund (2975mt,10km,6-7hrs)-Ilaka(2hrs)
Day 3 :-Ilaka-Lahesh Cave (3600 mts, 9kms, 3hrs)-Indrahar pass-Chata Parao
Day 4:- Chata Parao-Kwarsi-Choli(28km, 8-10hrs)
Day 5:- Choli-Holi-Chamba(by bus)
Day 6:- Chamba-Delhi(560km)

What you get to see during the trek:The Kishtwar area, Pir Panjal range, Mani Mahesh Kailash (5656m). Indrahar connects Kangra valley with Chamba valley.

2. Chanderkhani Pass-Malana Trek  
Day 1:- Delhi-Chandigarh (225km, 4-5 hrs)- Kullu (280 kms,6-7 hrs)
Day2:-Kullu-Naggar(23kms,1840mts,1hour)-Rumsu(10kms,2200mts)-Camp (3000m,6hrs,15kms.)
Day 3/4:- Camp-Chanderkhani Pass (3650mt)- Malana (2652mt,5hrs,7kms).Stay at Malana & explore this old civilization.
Day 5:- Malana-Jari(1500mt,20kms)-Kullu (21 kms by road)
Day 6:- Kullu-Delhi(505km)
What you get to see during the trek:The famous hamlet of Malana, Spectacular vistas of Lahaul  peaks, Shimla hills, Naggar fort, Roerick Art Gallery. Malana is a very unique village. Visitors are not allowed in most parts. This area is ill-famed for CHARAS production. Tourists are advised caution.

4. Manali-Dashair lake Trek
Day 1:- Delhi-Chandigarh (225km, 5hrs)-Manali (300 kms,10hrs)
Day 2:- Manali-Marhi-Rohtang pass (51 kms,3hrs)-Dashair lake (4270mtrs,4-5hrs,trek, camp at appropriate place)
Day 3:- Dashair Lake-Marhi-Manali (rest or local sights)
Day 4:- Manali-Chandigarh (300km)-Delhi (225km).

5. Shimla-Jalori Pass-Manali Trek
Day1:-Delhi-Shimla(330km)-Narakanda(2708mt,64km)-Ideal campsite.
Day 2:- Narkanda-Luhri (792 mt,19km)- Ani (1240mt, 18km)-Khanag (2530mt,8kms)
Day 3:- Khanag-Jalori pass (3233mt, 7kms)- Shoja(2683 mt, 7kms)-Banjar (1524mt,15km)-Aut (20km)-Kullu(30km)
Day 4:- Kullu-Manali (2050mt, 40km)- rest or local sight seens.
Day 5:- Manali-Chandigarh (300 km)-Delhi (225 km).

6. Sangla Valley Trek
Day 1:- Delhi-Shimla (330km), Stay at Shimla.
Day 2:- Shimla-Rohru (1550mt, 112km)-Chirgaon (1800mt, 15km)
Day 3:- Chirgaon-Larot (2440mt,15kms,trek)- Dodra (2800mt,6hrs,trek)
Day 4:- Dodra-Kuwar (2300m, 6hrs, trek), these are the remotest areas in Himachal.
Day 5:- Kuwar-Jakha (3100m,7hrs,trek)
Day 6:- Jakha-Ruknal(4400m,6hrs,trek)
Day 7:- Ruknal-Sangla Valley (2800m, 6hrs, explore the beautiful valley, trek)
Day 8:- Sangla-Karchham (1982m,17km)-Shimla (2205m,240km)
Day 9:- Shimla-Delhi (330km).

7. Sirmour valley Trek
Day 1:- Delhi-Chandigarh (225km)-Nahan
Day 2:- Nahan-Renuka (660m, 45km, visit the Renuka lake, and beautiful historical temples)
Day 3/4:- Renuka-Sangrah (1370mt, 20 km, trek)- Haripur Dhar (2510m, 25km). (This is a remote & virgin area of the valley of Sirmour, trek)
Day 5:- Haripur dhar-Choordhar(3647m,16km,trek)
Day 6:- Choordhar- Naura (16km,trek)-Rajgarh (explore the area)
Day 7:- Rajgarh-Solan (39 kms)- Chandigarh (70km)- Delhi (225 km).

8. Manali-Moonlake-Ki monastrey Trek
Day 1:- Delhi-Manali(525km)
Day 2:- Manali-Rohtang pass (51kms)-Gramphu(14kms)
Day 3:- Gramphu-Kunzam pass (4950mt,60kms)- Moon lake/Chandra tal(6km)
Day 4:- Chandra tal-Kaza (3660m)- Ki monastery (12kms). You can spend as many days as you can afford in the Spiti valley & return by same route or via. Kinnaur valley.

9. Kinner-Kailash Yatra
Day 1:- Delhi-Shimla (330km)
Day 2:- Shimla-Recong peo (230 km, approximately, 10hr drive)- Kalpa(13km)
Day 3:- Kalpa-Thangi (2966m,50km)- Lambar (2896mt,12km, trek)
Day 4:- Lambar-Charang (3506mt,24km,trek)
Day 5:- Charang-Lalanti Camp (4400mt, trek, 6-8 hrs)-Chitkul (3450 m, 14km last village on border with China & is a virgin beauty trek)
Day 6:- Chitkul- Sangla (2800 mt, explore this splendid valley)
Day 7:- Sangla-Shimla(257kms)
Day 8:- Shimla-Delhi(330kms).

10. Chamba-Keylong-Manali Trek
Day 1:- Delhi-Chamba(560 km)
Day 2:- Chamba-Barmour(65km)- Hadsar (2317mt,13km)
Day 3:- Hadsar-Kugti (2590m,12kms,trek)- Duggi Got (3350m,12km, trek)
Day 4:- Duggi Got-Alyas (4000m, 12km,trek)- Duggi Cave- Kuddi Got
Day 5:- Kuddi Got-Kugti pass (5200mts, trek)- Khardu (3550m, 5hrs,trek)
Day 6:- Khardu-Shansha (2950 mt,14km,trek)-Keylong
Day 7:- Keylong-Manali (115 kms) via Rohtang pass
Day 8:- Manali-Delhi (525km).

11. Sach pass-Pangi Valley Trek
Day 1:- Delhi-Chamba (560km)
Day 2:- Chamba-Bairagarh (110km,5hrs)
Day 3:- Bairagarh-Satrundi (3500m,16km,trek)- Sach Pass(4367mt,18km)-Bindravani
Day 4:- Bindravani-Killar (2245m,13km,jeepable)-Sach khas(2200m,)
Day 5:- Sach khas-Purthi (2255m,15km,trek)-Raoli (2591m,19km)
Day 6:- Raoli-Tindi(2250m,16km,trek)-Udaipur (25km)
Day 7:- Udaipur-Manali(150km)
Day 8:- Manali-Delhi (525km) Now motorable road connects Chamba via Sach  Pass with Pangi valley reducing distance by road by about 500kms.

12. Baijnath-Barabhangal-Chamba-Delhi Trek
Day 1:- Delhi-Kangra(480km)-Baijnath(50km)
Day 2:- Baijnath-Bir(9km)-Rajgundha(2610mt)
Day 3:- Rajgundha-Palachak Deota (2700m,12km)-Panhartu(3700mt,6hrs)
Day 4:- Panhartu-Bharpal Got (3900m,5km)- Thamsar pass -Marhu(6hrs)
Day 5:- Marhu-Barabhangal(2541mt,8km)
Day 6:- Barabhangal-Dhardi-Nayagraon (15km)
Day 7:- Nayagraon- Barmour (50kms)-Chamba(65kms)
Day 8:- Chamba-Delhi

13. Manali-Ladakh Trek    
Day 1:- Delhi-Manali(550kms)
Day 2:- Manali- Marhi- Rohtang Pass(51kms.)-Koksar (19kms)-Keylong(45km)
Day 3:- Keylong- Baralacha Pass(74kms)-Sarchu(33kms)
Day 4:- Sarchu-Tanglungla pass (5325mts,142kms)-Thiksey Monastery & Shey(60kms)
Day 5:- Thiksey- Leh(17kms). You can stay & explore this cold desert for minimum 3-4 days & visit lakes (see lakes)
Day 6:- Return by air/same route/via Srinagar.

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